In 1998, Abir established Raveh Ravid Family Office together with Itzhak Ravid,
in order to meet Raveh Ravid & CO CPA, clients’ needs. These clients came with a range of diverse needs requiring unique professional services geared to managing their personal capital assets.

Over the years and to date, Abir has provided the Family office clientele with professional business advice of the highest level. Abir applies his expertise together with Itzhak, offering clients services geared to safely and securely managing their personal and family assets, focusing on long term growth, and with close attention to each family’s specific wishes and preferences.

Abir is a co-founding partner and manager of the Raveh Ravid & CO CPA. He also serves as a member of the Raveh Ravid Foundation Board which he established together with Itzhak Ravid. Promoting excellence in Israel, the foundation grants scholarships to students who show leadership potential, helping them realize their inherent potential as they become the leaders of the future.