In 1998, Itzhak established Raveh Ravid Family Office together with Abir Raveh, in order to meet Raveh Ravid & CO CPA, clients’ needs. These clients came with a range of diverse needs requiring unique professional services geared to managing their personal capital assets.

Itzhak guides the Family Office clients based on his rich experience and deep understanding of the dynamic business world, and building on his familiarity and personal connections with the families comprising the office’s clientele. As a business consultant, Itzhak brings valuable know-how to his clients’ portfolios.

Itzhak is a co-founding member and manager at Raveh Ravid & CO CPA, and serves as a board member for the Raveh Ravid Foundation which he founded together with Abir Raveh. Itzhak also serves as a Board member for publicly traded companies, and as internal auditor for leading Israeli companies. He is also a member of the Haifa University Board of Governors.