Vered is the CEO of Raveh Ravid Family Office. Her role includes the overseeing and management of each family’s assets in accordance with their vision and family culture. This includes the establishing of a comprehensive view of the family assets, defining long and short-term goals, assessing opportunities and risks, transforming decisions into actions, and continuously monitoring their portfolios. In addition, Vered guides the families through intergenerational transition processes, ensuring that the transfer of assets is conducted in a sensitive manner, tailored to each family and its members, while adhering to the family’s values and objectives.
As CEO of the Family Office, Vered is positioned at a key junction, navigating between financial and business endeavors, along with family matters that require dedication and personalized attention. Vered brings extensive experience in financial investments, both locally and globally, along with a profound understanding of the Israeli and international banking and investment systems.

Before heading the Raveh Ravid Family Office, Vered held management roles at various Israeli and international banks and investment banks for over 15 years, where she led professional teams and provided high-end financial consultancy services. During these years, she acquired a broad understanding of global financial markets, while establishing client-focused business relationships with numerous private and corporate clients.

Vered received her BA in Business Administration (specializing in financing) from The College of Management in 1995.