Family Office

Raveh Ravid Family Office

Raveh Ravid Family Office provides tailored professional services pertaining to all aspects of family asset management, designed to optimally meet each family’s individual goals. We assist high net worth individuals and families through the intricacies involved in managing and monitoring their comprehensive family assets. Our goal is make sure their assets are managed optimally, and in line with their objectives and values. As part of our services, we also take care of intergenerational transition issues, making sure that the transfer of family businesses and assets is conducted in a fair and sensitive manner. Our experts are well versed in all the details involved in these endeavors, protecting the valuable assets of the past and present, while carefully guiding the way for the new generation’s future. With the added benefit of working in tandem with Raveh Ravid & Co., and driven by an exclusive culture of excellence, discretion and longstanding partnerships, our select team of professionals leverages their expertise and knowhow to realize the visions of each of our esteemed clients.

The Family Office portfolio of services is conducted in full coordination with the family, and includes:

  • Mapping out all family assets
  • Assisting in defining short & long term investment strategies
  • Assessing investment proposals offered to the family
  • Advising, supervising and monitoring investment policies implementation
  • Presenting a complete picture of the asset portfolio; providing reports on a regular basis
  • Reporting to the tax authorities and the Bank of Israel (when necessary)
  • Carrying out effective tax planning
  • Taxation (Possibly provided by Raveh Ravid & Co.)
  • Maintaining ongoing contact with bankers, portfolio managers and trustees
  • Assisting with reviewing and selecting real estate and other investment opportunities
  • Managing all intergenerational transition matters
  • Preparing monthly/quarterly reports in accordance with the family’s requests or needs
  • Conducting meetings at a frequency determined by the family